Would you Like to Join the West Buckland Chorus?

West Buckland Chorus   What is it?

  • A choir for adults who have any sort of link to West Buckland School (parent or ex-parent, staff or alumni, friend of a friend of a friend)

Do I need to be good at singing?

  • Everyone is welcome, come along and learn to sing with us.

When and where will the chorus perform?

  • In Exeter Cathedral on the 25th June 2016 as part of the West Buckland Choral Concert alongside the 80 strong Senior Choir, our junior choirs (Y7-9) and some of our prep school choirs all accompanied by the North Devon Sinfonia (www.northdevonsinfonia.org.uk). Soloist confirmed as Ana Fernandez!

  What will we sing?

  What do I have to do if I am interested?

  • Check you can make the rehearsals
  • Email Emma Kent, Director of Music, on [email protected]

Rehearsals (7:30pm-9:00)  

  • Wed 16 September
  • Wed 7 October
  • Wed 18 November
  • Wed 2 December
  • Wed 20 January
  • Wed 10 February
  • Wed 16 March
  • Wed 27 April
  • Wed 18 May
  • Sunday 12 June – Choir 5-8 orchestra 6-9

  I do hope that lots of you will feel excited about joining in this ambitious venture and sharing in our musical family here at West Buckland.I look forward to your emails!   Best wishes,         Emma Kent Director of Music West Buckland School

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