Tom Hitchins Plymouth Lunch 2013

Tom Hitchins Plymouth Lunch, November 16th “I thoroughly enjoyed the Tom Hitchins lunch. It was great to meet people I hadn’t seen for fifty years. How we have all changed since our teens (me included of course).” John McBain (52-59 B) Plymouth Lunch 2013The Royal Western Yacht Club, overlooking Plymouth Sound, has been the preferred venue for the annual OWBA Plymouth Lunch for several years and thanks must go once again to Terry Curtayne (51-56 F) for his contact with the Club in organising the event. After lunch, I opened the speeches with a short history of Tom Hitchins (27-32 G), whose commitment to our Association was legendary, becoming Patron in 1968 and continuing until his death in 2005. As has become traditional, representatives from the School were amongst the guests: George Fincher (05-14 G), Head of School, and Madeleine Ralph (02-14 B), Deputy Head of Brereton.  In John Vick’s absence, Andrew Moore, Headmaster of the Prep School, gave an overview of the present health of the school, and entertained us with school boy howlers, based on a recent history competition carried out in the Prep School. One example was as follows: “Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100 foot clipper.  This was very dangerous for all his men”! I must thank my wife, Julie and Lucy Lancaster, the OWBA secretary for organising the raffle which raised £150 for cancer research.  Lucy also made the day by producing a display of team photographs from the eras of those present at the lunch, which fostered many memories amongst them, especially those from the 1950s and 1960s who had not been to Plymouth before, or indeed any association event since leaving school!  It was also wonderful to see so many former and current members of staff, and we look forward to seeing more of you next time. Neil Kingdon (66-75 C) The following attended and were boisterous throughout: David Avery (53-57 F), Jackie Avery, Angela Avens (63-95 S), John Avens (62-94 S), Phil Badcock (49-58 G),(Geoff Brokenbrow (52-56 C), Anne Brokenbrow, Robert Cattell (62-69 G), David Clark ((69-03 S), Helen Clark (70-03 S), Berwick Coates (88- S), Molly Coates, Mike Cornish (52-59 C), David Cummins (40-50 G), Molly Cummins, Olga Curtayne, Terry Curtayne (51-56 C),  Michael Downward (79-97 S), George Fincher (06- G), Jack Harding (52-57 B), Tony Head (65-70 F),  Richard Heywood (77-81 F), Bill Hitchins (55-63 G), Sue Hitchins, Julie Kingdon, Neil Kingdon (66-75 C),  Lucy Lancaster (06- S), John McBain (52-59 B), Andrew Moore (00- S), Linda Moore, Mark Popplewell (64-72 G), Madeleine Ralph (02- B) Piers Rogers (64-69 C), Robin Start (49-55 F), Richard Statton (52-58 C), Yvonne Statton, Graham Tucker (56-59 C), Mike Tucker (75- S), Chris U’Ren (51-57 C), Liz U’Ren, Michael Woodrow (66-73 F)

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