Tom Hitchins’ Lunch

TH9The Dartmoor Lodge Hotel was the beautiful setting for this years’ Tom Hitchins’ Lunch. Those who joined us included:

John Avens 62-94S
Angela Avens 63-95S
David Avery 53-57F
Jackie Avery
Philip Badcock 49-58G
Lesley Banbury 73-76B
Valerie Bishop
Rod Boyce 52-60G

th8 (800x604)

Robert Cattell 62-69G
David Clark 69-03S
Helen Clark 70-03S
Jamie Conchie 68-76G
Mike Cornish 52-59C
Llew Courtenay 52-61F
David Cummins 40-50G
Mary Cummins
Terry Curtayne 51-56F
John Dolbear 44-49F
David Ford 49-58G
Dominic Ford 08-S
Bill Geen 64-69F

TH7 (800x800) TH1 (800x800) TH3 (800x800)

Derek Gilchrist 55-60G
Mike Hannaford 56-64F
Jack Harding 53-59B
Tony Head 65-70F
Richard Heywood 77-81F
Alan Hitchcock 53-61G
Laurence Hitchcock 57-65G
Neil Kingdon 66-75C
John Pettett 54-63B
Richard Pettett 56-64B
Chris Ponder 73-12S
David Pulman 66-72B
Piers Rogers 64-69C

TH4 (800x533) th6 (800x507) th8 (800x604)

Michael Tucker 72-15S
Chris U’Ren 51-57C
Ron Way 36-38B
John Whitfield 79-07S
Bernie Wilson 60-66B
Peter Richardson 68-76G
Mike Woodrow 66-73F

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