Tom Hitchins’ Lunch – Saturday 21st November

The Dartmoor Lodge Hotel in Ashburton is this year’s venue for the annual Tom Hitchins’ Lunch. We have just six places left and we are sure that you will recognise some familiar names on the guest list…  

Mr John Avens 62-94S
Dr Angela Avens 63-95S
Mr David Avery 53-57F
Mrs Jackie Avery
Mr Philip Badcock 49-58G
Mrs Lesley Banbury 73-76B
Miss Valerie Bishop
Mr Rod Boyce 52-60G
Mrs Monica Carter-Burns
Mr Robert Cattell 62-69G
Mr Jamie Conchie 68-76G
Mr Mike Cornish 52-59C
Mr Llew Courtenay 62-61F
Mr David Cummins 40-50G
Mrs Mary Cummins
Mr Terry Curtayne 51-56F
Mrs Olga Curtayne
Mr John Dolbear 44-49F
Mr David Ford 49-58G
Mr Dominic Ford 08-S
Mr Bill Geen 64-69F
Mr Derek Gilchrist 55-60G
Mr Mike Hannaford 56-64F
Mr Anthony Harding 53-59B
Mr Tony Head 65-70F
Mr Richard Heywood 77-81F
Mr Alan Hitchcock 53-61G
Mr Laurence Hitchcock 57-65G
Mr Neil Kingdon 66-75C
Mr John Pettett 54-63B
Mr Richard Pettett 56-64B
Mr Paul Pigden 65-70F
Mr Chris Ponder 73-12S
Mr David Pulman 66-72B
Mr Piers Rogers 64-69C
Mr Michael Tucker 72-15S
Mr Chris U’Ren 51-57C
Mr Ron Way 36-38B
Mr John Whitfield 79-07S
Mr Bernie Wilson 60-66B

  Tickets are priced at just £25 per person and can be booked by calling the OWBA office on 01598 760188, via email [email protected] or ONLINE TH Invite 2015

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