Tom Hitchins’ Lunch 2016

A most enjoyable lunch with convivial company.



Special thanks to Lawrence Whittal-Williams (75-08S) for his very entertaining speech and to all those who came from far and wide to join us…


David Ford 52-58G
Llew Courtenay 52-61F
Annette Maddison 03-04S
David Lakin 

Rev Chris Willis 77-92S
Richard Heywood 77-81F
Mike Hannaford 56-64F
Jamie Conchie 69-76G
Neil Kingdon 66-75C
Lesley Banbury 73-76B
Mike Tucker 72-15S
Mike Cornish 52-59C
Jack Harding 53-59B
Robert Cattell 62-69G
Piers Rogers 64-69C
Tony Head 65-70F
Jan Witheridge 86-S
Mark Overton
Jamie Overton
Charlie Popplewell 64-72G
David Clark 69-03S
Helen Clark 70-03S
Laurence Whittal-Williams 75-08S
David Cummins 40-50G
Mary Cummins
Bill Geen 64-69F
David Avery 53-57F
Jackie Avery
Peter Richardson 68-76G
Gail Richardson
Andrew Moore 71-74G
Ian Blewett 72-77G
Kevin Underwood 72-74C
Bill Hitchins 55-66G
Stuart Smith 73-80G
Linda Moore
Geoff Bayles 52-58C
Mia Bayles


More photos can be found HERE

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