Today’s Cricket

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to West Buckland for the OWBA cricket match this morning. There is a little mist but the sun will soon break through… The match will start at 11.00am, coffee will be served in the  the 150 Building from 10.00am- 10.30am,  where Mike Tucker and Dominic Ford will welcome you.

Simon Bowen 97-03 F
Bernie Wilson 60-66 F
Rob Gear 89-97G
Barrie Huxtable 85-92C
Andy Gubb 80-87F
Mark Nicholson 80-87B
Charlie Popplewell 64-72G
Matt Geen 92-98F
Will Popplewell 01-10G
Nick Openshaw
Mike Tucker 72-S

  (batting order to be determined later)   Lunch will be provided by the Parents’ Association BBQ who will be hosting their Summer Fete during the afternoon. A ticket will be issued for you to redeem at the BBQ. Tea will be served back in the Club Room from 4.00pm along with those playing tennis and competing in the shooting as well as other members of the OWBA who are visiting the school. At the close of play, there will be refreshments available in the Pavilion. Good luck OWBA!

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