The Exmoor Experience

Exmoor Experience   Thursday 19th March was a special day for some of our passengers aboard the vintage bus. Travelling though the beautiful Exmoor Countryside, they had the opportunity to watch the races, partake of liquid refreshments at The Poltimore Arms, meet up with old school friends and remember when they too ran the Exmoor over 50 years ago. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



The Passenger list included :

Mr David Cummins          40-50G Mrs Mary Cummins Mr Philip Badcock            49-58G Mr Geoff Bayles               52-58C Mrs Mia Bayles Mr John Cattell 62-69G Mr Derek Gilchrist           55-60G Mr Jack Harding                53-59B Mr Tony Head   65-70F Mrs Barwise Mrs Agnes Cottingham Mr Clive Argent 62-69 Mr Rob Boyce    52-60G Mr Neil Kingdon               66-75C Mr Piers Rogers                64-69C Mr Hendrick Coombs     68-73B Mr John Whitfield            79-07S Ms Lucy Gore Mr John Farley  46-50B Mr Tom Barwise Mr Paul Pigden 65-70F Mr George Butler            42-47F Mr Keith Woodyer Mrs Trisa Woodyer Mrs Mary Sullivan Mr Ian Buchanan