The Derek Holt Memorial Trophy Report

The Veterans Rifle Club eventually gathered at the Crowl-Langley full-bore shooting range for a practice shoot at approximately 1200hrs on Speech Day. The range hasn’t moved but getting weapons and equipment from the temporarily decomissioned armoury to the closest unloading point now resembles a full military manoeuvre . Seven members of the VRC turned up to take part and our club weapons are now cleaned and serviced and tucked up for the Winter- albeit in temporary accommodation.   At 1400hrs we moved down to the Albert Beer range- now resplendent with new cladding and signage – to compete against the school team for the Derek Holt memorial trophy. The School VIII was reduced to VII by a last minute rugby call-up so we shot two teams of seven. Ruan Pring and Darcy Constant shot first for WBS and clocked up an excellent combined -and eventually unbeaten- tally of 189/250. Dave Pote -on his first visit to school for twenty years- and James Evans, who is currently working in the Foundation office before departing for university, made a respectable start for the OWBA with a total score of 175. Amy Brown and Chris Davidson-Grant went down for the second detail and scored a reasonable 168 which meant that Lewis Pring and Mick Baggs could close the gap slightly but they also scored 168. Ben Unwin and Richard Hathaway- Richard is the new head of outdoor learning and he stepped in for William Johnson who was delayed- took the last detail with the school fourteen points in front. Richard shot well despite no previous experience but Ben dropped one round on his grouping which cost the school dearly. Hendrick Coombs and Richard Heywood were last down for the OWBA and Hendrick made the same mistake, dropping one round on his grouping. Nerves were steadied and both shot well and the OWBA romped home with a forty point lead.   Darcy Constant clocked up the best individual score of the day and won the Ludlow-Gillies trophy for the second time in two meetings but the OWBA retained the Holt Memorial trophy. Many thanks to Dave Price for organising the shooting match and to everyone who turned up and took part- better luck next time WBS! Chris Wilson- chairman WBSVRC. Scores: WBS.                   Grouping/25. Application/50. Clays/50. Total/125. Ruan Pring(cpt.).             10.               32.               50.             92. Darcy Constant .               20.               37.               40.             97. Amy Brown.                     15.               37.              40.             92. Chris Davidson-Grant.     15.               31.               30.             30. Ben Unwin.                       0.               36.               20.             56. Richard Hathaway (staff).   15.             40.              20.             75. 488. OWBA. David Pote.                       5.                 39.               50.             94. James Evans.                  15.               36.               30.             81. Lewis Pring.                     10.               40.               30.             80. Mick Baggs.                     10.               38.               40.             88. Hendric Coombs.             0.               43.               50.               93. Richard Heywood.             20.             31.               40.               91. 527. Ludlow-Gillies Trophy;     Darcy Constant. Derek Holt Memorial Trophy;                 OWBA.

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