The Crowl Cup 2013

The June weekend saw the VRC and WBS VIIIs gathering at the ‘shorts’ range, in glorious sunshine. It is reassuring to hear that the ‘full bore’ range, over the old reservoir, is ready for re-commissioning following some considerable beaurocratic wrangling. Hopefully, we will be competing there at some stage next year. David Price – CO of the WBS CCF did the honours with the usual safety drill instructions and the first detail settled on the mats.  Unfortunately, Harmony Constant’s weapon immediately jammed so Harmony and Sean Beer stood down whilst reinforcements were collected. Richard Heywood shot against Emily Small in a half detail and both scored a very good 59/65.  Two No. 8 rifles now appeared so both teams were now evenly equipped.  Sean Beer and Terry Curtayne were next down against Harmony Constant and Cecily Pring. Sean produced a ‘possible’ – maximum possible score 65/65 and I can’t recall the last time that happened. However, excellent scores from the girls put the school team three points in front.  Mike Baggs and Martin Miller were next out against Harvey Small and Ruan Pring. Harvey dropped one round on his grouping and Ruan only fired four rounds in the speed section so by the end of the third detail the VRC were seventeen points in front.  Hendrix Coombs and Lewis Pring took the penultimate detail against Matt Dixon and Christian Turner and both pairs scored 112/130.  David Price and I took the last half detail but by now the result was something of a foregone conclusion.  The VRC triumphed with a lead of 21 points. The Heather Ludlow trophy, for the highest score on the school team was won by Cecily Pring for the fourth consecutive time but the VRC reclaimed the Crowl Cup. Many thanks to David Price for organising the shooting match and better luck next time. Chris Wilson  (67-72B)

Emily Small (cpt) 59/65 Richard Heywood 59
Harmony Constant 52 Sean Beer 65
Cecily Pring 61 Terry Curtayne 46
Harvey Small 36 Mike Baggs 58
Ruan Pring 52 Martin Miller 50
Matt Dixon 55 Hendrick Coombs 54
Christian Turner 57 Lewis Pring 58
David Price 59 Chris Wilson (captain) 63
431/520 453/520