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21st June 2014

The OWBA cricket, tennis and shooting teams were well represented this year in their matches against the school. Obviously the guarantee of sunshine was a reason to participate perhaps, but the quality of the competition was first rate.

In spite of a cricket team made up of mainly bowlers, the old boys fought hard with Charlie Wood (00-10 C) making the majority of the runs and George Long Howell (00-10 C) being the pick of the bowlers. It was a blisteringly hot day at the crease with many keen supporters at the pavilion. Thanks must go to all those old boys who gave up their day to compete for the OWBA team: Simon Bowen 97-03 F, Nick Bowen 92-00 F, George Long Howell 00-10 F, Charlie Wood 00-10 C, Fred Kingdon 07-12 C, Harry Booker 05-12 F, Paddy Treweeke 99-13 G, Ed Reader 05-12 G, Paul Pigden 65-70 F, Bernie Wilson 60-66 B The tennis match was a real battle between the OWBA and school, with the result 8-8 which was entirely appropriate. The OWBA tennis team included a mixed range of ages with Tony Hooper (62-70 C) leading the way for the men’s team and Claire Lynch (nee Latham) (96-01 F) for the women. The games were very close with some high quality of tennis being played. The family match between Amy Groome (03-09 C) and her sister Rachel (05-14 C) held no prisoners but it was perhaps fitting that Rachel was victorious in her last year as captain. Claire Lynch 96-01 F, Jenny Gibb 98-13 C, Amy Groome 03-09 C, Poppy Brimson 06-12 C, Nicole Wickett (nee Williams), Beth Milburn 03-12 F Tony Hooper, 62-70 C, Jamie Conchie 67-76 G, James Wickett 87-94 F, Andrew Dodds 95-00 C, Rob Schofield 04-11 F, Sam Koval 81-88 B The OWBA shooting team convincingly beat the school using new air rifles. It was encouraging to see so many new competitors to join the old timers. Stuart Morris 80-85 C, Mike Baggs 67-71 F, Gavin Keegan 51-56 C, Mike Langdon 66-69 C, Terry Curtayne 51-56 F, Bob Van Dissel 49-56 C, Dan Tredant 76-85 G, Chris Wilson 67-72 B Many thanks to all those who took part in what turned out to be an extremely successful OWBA day.

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Speech Day, September 14th 2013


The OWBA played the Old Shebbeans in a well contested rugby match on Speech Day 2013.  Brilliantly organised by James Knight (2003-10 G), the team was made up of recent leavers.  Unfortunately, having not played together as a team before didn’t bode well for the result but a rematch at a later date should hopefully settle the score.Speech Day rugby 1

Girl’s Hockey

1st Xl v OWBA

girls hockey cropped

Score – WBS 1st Xl Won 2-0               Scorer – Beth Keech (Yr 11) Beautiful blue skies and radiant sunshine welcomed the ‘Old Girls’ back to their familiar stomping ground on Speech Day this year. Much was made of this enticing battle as many of the OWBA team consisted of a number of our talented leavers from the summer of 2013; players from our most successful 1st Xl ever included, Izzy Moore, Molly McKinnel, Verity Marsterson and Charlotte Woodman. The rest of the OWBA were no slouches either with the likes of Katie May, Alice Lancaster, Diana Webber, Jess Ravenhill-White, Tabby Fox and, a real ‘golden oldie’, Charlotte Knight fancying their chances!! As usual, fitness played a big part in the end result – or lack thereof, in the case of the OWBA!! Despite this, the match was played with a good deal of intensity, competitive spirit and humour. Unfortunately for the visitors, however, the WB 1st Xl were on a mission to prove themselves as the new kids on the block, after a difficult loss in their early warm-up game against Exeter School the previous Saturday. Their communication and two-touch work in the midfield certainly kept the old girls on their toes and, notwithstanding some flashes of superb flare from the veterans, the 1st Xl’s teamwork and bonding enabled them to set up some very slick attacking moves for newcomer Beth Keech to successfully convert on two occasions. Better luck next time OWBA!


The Derek Holt Memorial Match


Happily, I can now report that the ‘full-bore’ range at WBS is up and running again, having passed the stringent MOD assessment at the end of July.  This is excellent news for the VRC because we can now exercise our match weapons before going on our annual pilgrimage to Bisley.  Hopefully, David Price will also have a squad trained up and will be able to compete in the National Schools full-bore competition again at Bisley, next July. September at school and the VRC and school teams ‘squared-up’ again at the ‘shorts’ range to compete for the Derek Holt Memorial trophy.  Sean Beer was absent for the Veterans and Harmony Constant couldn’t make it for the school so both squads shot VII instead of VIII. Terry Curtayne and Mike Baggs started for the VRC with a steady 89/130 and Darcy Constant and Kai Smith equalled their score.  Hendrik Coombs and Lewis Pring went next with a below par 79 combined score against Matt Dixon and Christian Turner who made 84, putting the school five points in front at halfway.  Harry Edgell and I thought we had balanced the score sheet with a joint score of 95, but Cecily Pring and Emily Small were unbeatable with a tally of 103, putting the school thirteen points in front.  Richard Heywood went down against Ruan Pring and dropped another six points so the school came out clear winners by 21 points. Emily Small took the Heather Ludlow trophy for the highest score on the school VIII.



T Curtayne 40/65 Darcy Constant 49
M Baggs 49 Kai Smith 40
H Coombs 35 Matt Dixon 36
L Pring 44 Christian Turner 48
H Edgell 44 Cecily Pring 51
C Wilson (capt) 49 Emily Small (capt) 52
R Heywood 30 Ruan Pring 36
291   312

  WBS v WBSVRC The Crowl Cup, 30th June 2013 The June weekend saw the VRC and WBS VIIIs gathering at the ‘shorts’ range, in glorious sunshine. It is reassuring to hear that the ‘full bore’ range, over the old reservoir, is ready for re-commissioning following some considerable beaurocratic wrangling. Hopefully, we will be competing there at some stage next year. David Price – CO of the WBS CCF did the honours with the usual safety drill instructions and the first detail settled on the mats.  Unfortunately, Harmony Constant’s weapon immediately jammed so Harmony and Sean Beer stood down whilst reinforcements were collected. Richard Heywood shot against Emily Small in a half detail and both scored a very good 59/65.  Two No. 8 rifles now appeared so both teams were now evenly equipped.  Sean Beer and Terry Curtayne were next down against Harmony Constant and Cecily Pring. Sean produced a ‘possible’ – maximum possible score 65/65 and I can’t recall the last time that happened. However, excellent scores from the girls put the school team three points in front.  Mike Baggs and Martin Miller were next out against Harvey Small and Ruan Pring. Harvey dropped one round on his grouping and Ruan only fired four rounds in the speed section so by the end of the third detail the VRC were seventeen points in front.  Hendrix Coombs and Lewis Pring took the penultimate detail against Matt Dixon and Christian Turner and both pairs scored 112/130.  David Price and I took the last half detail but by now the result was something of a foregone conclusion.  The VRC triumphed with a lead of 21 points. The Heather Ludlow trophy, for the highest score on the school team was won by Cecily Pring for the fourth consecutive time but the VRC reclaimed the Crowl Cup. Many thanks to David Price for organising the shooting match and better luck next time. Chris Wilson  (67-72B)

Emily Small (cpt) 59/65 Richard Heywood 59
Harmony Constant 52 Sean Beer 65
Cecily Pring 61 Terry Curtayne 46
Harvey Small 36 Mike Baggs 58
Ruan Pring 52 Martin Miller 50
Matt Dixon 55 Hendrick Coombs 54
Christian Turner 57 Lewis Pring 58
David Price 59 Chris Wilson (captain) 63
431/520 453/520

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