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Boys’ Hockey

The OWBA played a mixture of pupils and staff. The first half was very close but the OWBA were more clinical and finished their chances which meant they had a slim lead at half time. The second half was more end to end and although the school scored two quick goals, the OWBA kept going and equalised through Rob Fox (96-06 F). The school scored most of their goals through short corners with George Fincher (06-14 G) unable to save Mr Hayes’ (14- S) drag flicks and Mr Mains’(13- S) rebounds. The final score was 6-5 with Rob Fox getting a hat-trick and Mr Hayes getting four goals for the school.


OWBA Team: George Fincher(06-14 G), Henry Platts-Martin (08-13 C), Paddy Treweeke (99-13 G), Rob Fox (96-06 F), Rob Wheeler (80-86 F), Freddie Podmore (01- 13 C), Joe Hayles-Cotton (10-14 F), George Laing (09-14 G), Josh Aylmer (07-14 B), James Mabon (school), James Crosbie (school), Darcy Constant (school).

Girls’ Hockey

The hockey match between the WBS 1st Xl and the OWBA was a heated affair. Yes, we had balmy conditions and the searing heat  certainly highlighted the old girl’s lack of match fitness (!); however, the high level of competitiveness also led to some feisty (tongue in cheek) verbal exchanges between players and umpires.

It really was a great game played with a friendly but intense atmosphere. The WBS girls dominated throughout most of the first half and were left frustrated when they missed a few good chances to score. Izzy Moore (00-13 G) finally broke the deadlock and took the old girls to 1-0, much to the delight of her team! Very quickly, however, the 1st Xl equalised with a good goal from Beth Keech. The play continued at a fast paced, end to end battle and then the 1st Xl took the lead with a goal scored from short corner scuffle in the ‘D’.

Despite both sides tiring in the last few minutes of the game, the intensity grew and culminated in a sneaky goal from Susie Hill (00-10 G) in the last 6 seconds!!!!

OWBA Team: Emma Moss (04-11 F), Susie Hill (00-10 G), Issy Cairns (05- 14 C), Georgia Cope (04-14 G), Jaz Brent (07-14 F), Catherine Mitcham (00-14 B), Sophy Crane (98-13 B), Molly McKinnel (05-13 G), Izzy Wilson-North (08-13 G), Lindsey Denyer (05-10 F), Issy Moore (00-13 G), Poppy Henson (06-13 F), Georgie Markham (00-13 F), Lara Martin (04-13 F), Beth Woollacott (07-14 B)

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The netball matches were contested with a fantastic spirit. The OWBA raced ahead against the school U19s leading by 10 goals at half time. They had great shooting from Hannah Evans and Rebecca Markham (00-11 F) with Katie May (00-12 B) dominating in the mid-court. The school made team changes throughout and they drew the second half despite Issy Wilson-North (08-13 G) defending superbly. OWBA won 23-13 The OWBA’s match against the U16s was a closer contest with neither team managing to take more than a 2 goal advantage until the end. Both teams struggled to find the net initially then Beccy Straker (09-12 B) and Louisa Keech (98-13 C) started to get their eye in to ensure they were in front at half time. The U16s team work was excellent and they ground the OWBA down. Many changes were made to both teams to try to find the best combinations and Alice Jellard (07-14 C) worked hard in both the attacking and defending circle. In the final quarter the school hit the target with ease and pulled away to win 19-13. OWBA teams: Rebecca Markham (00-11 F), Hannah Evans (03-14 C), Madeleine Ralph (02-14 B), Katie May (00-12 B), Issy Wilson-North (08-13 G), Jasmine Brent (07-14 F), Georgia Cope (04-14 G), Rebecca Straker (09-12 B) ‘2nds’ Rebecca Straker played some in each team, Louisa Keech (98-13 C), Sarah-Jane Turner (07-12 G), Katie Michael (10-14 F), Beth Withecombe (09-14 F), Catherine Mitcham (00-14 B), Alice Jellard (07-14 C), Sarah Durrant (née Ley) (92-00 G)

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