Skydive for Charity

Abbie Wilford (neé George) (87-94 C) and her husband John (87-94 C) suffered what no parent would want to experience, the loss of a child. Danny was born on February 21st 2012 but shortly after, it was discovered that he was born with a condition known as Transposition of the Great Arteries, where his arteries to his heart were the wrong way round. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, Danny died at just 30 hours old. Abbie had a normal pregnancy and no problems with Danny’s heart showed up on scans.”Like any prospective parent, you worry during pregnancy,” said Abbie. “You’re always aware something could go wrong. But when the child arrives, you don’t expect something like this to happen. Your world implodes and nothing is ever the same again.” Abbie and John received support from the Bristol Stillborn and Neonatal Death Society.  A few months later, they found out about the charity, Saying Goodbye, which organises services for people to acknowledge the loss of a child. When Abbie heard about the ‘Jump for Love’ tandem skydive, she decided to take part and raised £1,000 in sponsorship for the charity. “The skydive was an emotional thing to do two years exactly on from Danny’s due date.” Abbie and John have 3 other children, Archie (8), Gwen (5) and Freddie (1) who were all extremely proud of Abbie’s challenge. The skydive was part of a national event with people jumping at eight locations across the UK to raise money for Saying Goodbye, which is part of the Mariposa Trust. Everyone who jumps will be representing the 254,000 babies lost each year through miscarriage or still birth in the UK. Anyone who wants to help Abbie’s fundraising efforts can do so at com/fundraisers/abbiewilford The Wilfords

Abbie Wilford

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