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Speech Day Shooting – September 2014

I am delighted to be able to report that for the first time in ten years the VRC were able to use the Crowl Langley full-bore rifle range for a much-needed practice session with our match weapons…

WBS v OWBA/VRC Shooting Match June 2014

The OWBA and the VRC joined forces on Saturday to compete against the school VIII for the Crowl cup. A new dimension was brought to bear on our biennial shooting match due to the lack of .22 ammo. Instead of using .22 rim fire weapons at 25 yards we were using .177 gas powered air rifles at 10 mtrs. There are a variety of reasons for this change of direction but mainly all students can now take part in shooting at school without being involved in the CCF or having prior weapons training.

The Derek Holt Memorial Match 2013


Happily, I can now report that the ‘full-bore’ range at WBS is up and running again, having passed the stringent MOD assessment at the end of July.  This is excellent news for the VRC because we can now exercise our match weapons before going on our annual pilgrimage to Bisley.  Hopefully, David Price will also have a squad trained up and will be able to compete in the National Schools full-bore competition again at Bisley, next July.

The Crowl Cup, 30th June 2013


The June weekend saw the VRC and WBS VIIIs gathering at the ‘shorts’ range, in glorious sunshine. It is reassuring to hear that the ‘full bore’ range, over the old reservoir, is ready for re-commissioning following some considerable beaurocratic wrangling. Hopefully, we will be competing there at some stage next year.

Bisley 2013

Ashburton Day at Bisley dawned bright and clear and we set off in good spirits. After last years’ torrential rain we were more concerned about the heat haze, which can make the targets at 500 yards appear to be floating in mid-air. On arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to find perfect conditions with a constant gentle cross wind.

Bisley 2014

Once again, the WBSRV assembled on the helicopter landing pad at Bisley for our annual picnic before representing West Buckland School in the national schools veterans shooting match. The VCR/OWBA/OBA haven’t missed taking part on what we call Ashburton Day since 1946; we won the veterans match in 1947…