Passenger list for the Exmoor Experience – 19th March 2015

There are still a few spaces available on the vintage bus next Thursday.Exmoor Exp Poster - Small (800x566) If you would like a ticket please call 01598 760188 email [email protected] or book online HERE       The passenger list includes:

Mr David Cummins 40-50G
Mrs Mary Cummins
Mr Philip Badcock 49-58G
Mr Geoff Bayles 52-58C
Mrs Mia Bayles
Mr Cattell 62-69G
Mr Derek Gilchrist 55-60G
Mr Jack Harding 53-59B
Mr Tony Head 65-70F
Mr Neil Kingdon 66-75C
Mr Piers Rogers 64-69C
Mr Hendrick Coombs 68-73B
Mr John Whitfield 79-07S
Ms Val Bishop
Mr John Farley 46-50B
Mr Berwick Coates
Mr Tom Barwise
Mr Paul Pigden 65-70F
Mr George Butler 42-47F
Mr Keith Woodyer
Mrs Trisa Woodyer

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