OWBA Thai Reunion

There is a truly special relationship between West Buckland School and Thailand which has been cultivated  over generations. It was lovely to see so many people at the Thai reunion in October. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and friendship….


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  1. Mike Hannaford. 1956-64 says:

    I remember well fellow pupils from Thailand during my years at WB. Chitty Dansubutra, Hoontrakul and the Promyothi brothers come to mind. Please excuse the spelling! I did have the opportunity in later life to see both Dansubutra and Hoontrakul in Thailand……Hoon as he was known, had built a very successful hotel business, the sale of which enabled him to develop an amazing hotel on Ko Samui with his family. Sadly Hoon was not to survive for long after our meeting but I am sure his beloved Hotel continues to flourish……a wonderful legacy from a great guy.
    So yes, West Buckland’s relationship with Thailand goes back to the 50s and 60s and it’s great to see It still flourishing today.

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