OWBA London Reunion

Thank you to everyone who came to the OWBA London Reunion. It was lovely to meet you.

Simon Baldwin-Purry 52-58C Gerald Merrett 50-54G
Ian Blewett 72-77G Anna Merrett  
Andrew Broggio 82-87F Ted Muxworthy 73-78B
Mark Byford 05-11 C Chris Phillips 60-67C
Jamie Conchie 69-76G Jeremy Philp 57-63B
Robert Conchie 72-79G Chris Ponder 73-12S
Amy Davies 07-14G Elinor Potts 11-12G
Tabby Fox 96-09 Mike Tucker 72-15S
Jan Horrell-Tidbury 84-87G James Thatcher 01-07G
Chris Keeling 78-80B John Vick 97-S
Neil Kingdon 66-75C Mark Wightman 57-63C

1656161_1704960906387605_5409920545277115140_n 12794516_1704960833054279_5317479061219768539_n 12804784_1704960983054264_4992258590186790974_n 12805887_1704960826387613_8303650916703097276_n 12821562_1704960896387606_4517826570919292206_n london

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