OWBA Cardiff Reunion – 23rd February 2017

Barocco on Wharton St is the setting for the OWBA’s first regional reunion of 2017.




Join us for complimentary drinks and nibbles from 6pm onwards.

Those who are hoping to join us include:

Sean Apsey 79-86B
Wayne Bracher 01-06B
Monica Carter-Burns
David Clark 69-03S
Helen Clark 70-03S
Ashley Clements
Lydia Clements 11-16G
Jamie Conchie 69-76G
Hannah Evans 03- 14C
Dave Flynn
Terry Hogarth
Sam Hubble 00-06G
Amelia Johnstone 88-95G
Alan Kettle 92-14S
Kathy Kettle 92-14S
Edward Kettle 92-00F
Peter Kettle 92-05F
Michael Kettle 92-02F
Ted Littlechild 73-78S
Rolf Merchant 05-10G
Will Moor 92-06G
Robert Moor 74-14S
Jane Moor 90-09S
Martin Pollard 88-95G
Chris Ponder 73-12S
Caroline Prosser (nee Johnson) 80-83C
Mike Tucker 72-15S
John Whitfield 79-07S
Jan Witheridge 86-S

We are aware that we don’t hold everyone’s email address, so please spread the word!

To assist with numbers, please RSVP to [email protected] or on the Facebook event page.

We hope to see you soon.

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