OWBA 1980’s Reunion: 23rd June 2018

We do hope that you can join us for the OWBA 1980’s Reunion on Saturday 23rd June













Tickets can be booked by calling the office on 01598 760188 or emailing [email protected]

Alternatively bookings are being taken online


Those who have booked so far include:

David Clark 69-03S
Robert Wheeler 80-86F
Anne Ohlmann Fuchs 83-85F
Sarah Kennedy Johnson 80-84C
Tracey Powell Ploughman 80-85C
Helen Berry 83-14S
Paul Berry 77-01S
Michael Dinning 79-85C
Helen Dinning
Matthew Semple 75-85G
Emma Simpkins 83-85F
Shaun Trevisick 76-84G
John Whitfield 79-07S
Jeremy Allcock 74-86F
Wakefield Morys-Carter 82-86B (plus 1)
Lesley Parkin 82-88F (plus 1)
Philip Brewer 79-86G
Jon Bassett 78-85C (plus 1)
Ida Lam 84-89C
Jeremy Mills 75-84B
Neil Wilson 76-84B
Andrew Brooks 77-84C
Dave Wolfenden 76-83G (plus 1)
Ruan Peat Walsh 84-88C (plus 1)
Kevan Cornfield 79-87G
Mark Cornfield 77-85G
Jonathan Mair 79-86G
Chris Ponder 73-12S
Ashley Wheaton 79-86F
Michael Downward 79-97S
Karin Lang Blomfield 84-86F (plus 1)
Stuart Smith 73-80G
Sean Aspey 79-86B
Tom Booth 78-86C
Martin Barwise 83-90B
Stuart Morris 80-85C
Andrew Gray 77-86B
Ian Blewett 72-77G
Susan Huxtable-Selly 79-84S
Jawed Khan 83-86G (plus 2)
Uyiosa Omoregie 83-87C
Angela Avens 63-95S
John Avens 62-94S
Suzy Conchie Maskell 80-84G
Dan Tredant 76-85G
Javed Khamisani 77-80F
Junaid Khamisani 77-80F (plus 5)
Robert Clarke 78-S
Sarah O’Connor Balsillie 81-84B
Rob Hitchins 78-88G
Jeng Tumogi
David Chittock (77-84C)
Farham Shams (84-88B)
Vicky Ryce (85-90B)

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