Reginald Stuart Handford

Reginald attended West Buckland School from April 1908 to 1913. He was a member of the Brereton Reginald Handfordand was strong in drama and debating and a key member of both school societies in these areas. Within the Dramatic Society, he was both an actor and a ‘stage carpenter.’ In the field of sport he is bluntly referred to in his obituary in the School’s Register of June 1916 as ‘no great player’ in the main sports of football and cricket. Reginald was made a Second Lieutenant within the 6th and 1st Battalions of the Rifle Brigade upon enlisting. He was somewhere between Essex Farm and Boesinge (north of Ypres) along the allied frontline, on the eastern banks of the Yser Canal, when he was killed. His Section was in the process of relieving another when they were subject to a German gas attack. He died on the evening of the 8th-9th August 1916 from the effects of phosgene gas; he was 20 at the time.

 West Buckland School groups have visited Reginald’s grave since 2008 and on our first visit it was discovered that his family had paid to have ‘West Buckland School’ engraved at the foot of his gravestone as recognition of his time there.

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