Staff Leavers

SueSue Hartnoll (84-15S) Sue joined WBS in 1984 and has been instrumental in the success of Girls’ Sports over the past three decades. Netball has always been her passion and over the years she has coached teams to exceptionally high standards within the South West. A popular member of the West Buckland Community with pupils and teachers alike, we are glad to report that she will continue her involvement with the school through regional sport.   Deborah Sharman (84-15S) Debs also joined the school in 1984. By 1990 she had become the first female Royal Navy Contingent Commander and took overall command of the three sections of the CCF. Pupils have enduring memories of field days, overnight exercises and the annual summer camp at Penhale. Deb Sharman (533x800) In 2000 she was awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Commendation for Service to the CCF. She became Housemistress of Brereton in 2012.   More recently Miss Sharman can be thanked for ensuring pupils are equipped with essential culinary skills from brownie baking, to cooking the perfect Thai Curry in her “food and nut” lessons.         Mike Tucker (72-15S)



I first heard word of Mr Tucker as a fresh faced newbie in Year 7. Even then “Tucks” invoked thoughts of a man far older that the school, old enough to have seen Leary Hill become so. By the time I moved into (or was sentenced to) School House, however, Tuck had made some indelible memories for me, especially the whole “stop grinning inanely” incident. Once in School House, though all was forgiven. Despite the lengthy (but ultimately necessary) house meetings, lectures on “The way of the Tucker” and Tucks occasionally being a pain in the posterior, he backed us to the hilt and kept us level headed when the exam hysteria began to set in. Tucks’ knowledge of everything was legendary, provided you got through the sometimes eccentric bluster and discourse on why Lawrence of Arabia is the best film in history ever. I am proud to have served on HMS School House ably commanded by Captain Tucker. If I had to pick a motto for the ship, it would be “going nowhere fast” and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. James Evans (06-14B)