New President of the OWBA

We would like to welcome Jamie Conchie (69-76G) as the new President of the OWBA and offer our thanks to Neil Kingdon (66-75C) for all his invaluable hard work and commitment during his term of office. New President               Ian Blewett (72-77 G) will take up the position of Vice President alongside Treasurer, Stuart Smith (73-80G) The other members of the committee comprise of: David Walker (75-82B) Andrew Broggio (82-87F) Lesley Banbury (73-76B) Mark Baglow (01-07F) Adam Crispin (90-97G) Pete Williams (79-89C) Bill Geen (64-69F) John Vick (97-S) CommitteePatron: David Cummins (40-50G) A special thank you to Mark Popplewell (64-72G) who will has stepped down from the committee.

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