Just Three Weeks Until The Exmoor: 4th April

With just three weeks to go until The Exmoor, we hope the training is going well.

Last year Gary MacAlister (91-97B) romped home with an impressive time of 01:24:53 for the Senior Boys Race and Vicki Smith was victorious in the Senior Girls a whole 5 minutes in front of her competitors.

The Long Race (AKA Senior Boys’ Run) consists of a walk of eight miles to the start and a run of ten miles back to School.

The Short Race (AKA Senior Girls’ Run) is a walk of six miles and a run of approximately six miles, this year starting at Heasley Mill.

OWB’s, Parents & Supporters, are welcome to join in this annual school event. The entry fee is £20 (to include refreshments in the JESC, a packed lunch and glass of wine on completion). Current HE Students £10.

There will be transport available to The Poltimore Arms at Yarde Down for competitors who wish to run but would prefer not to walk out.

To assist us with catering numbers and transport, the closing date for entries is Monday 1st April.

Entry forms can be found here

Please see below, for what we hope is, a comprehensive guide for the day but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]

Information for competitors

The school will be assembled in the Sports Hall from 8.45am for the ‘Exmoor Assembly’.  You are most welcome to join them on the gallery above the Sports Hall. Refreshments will be available in the Club Room once you have registered prior to your departure, either by foot or bus.

Walking Out: Please register by 9.25am to be ready to walk out at 9.40 am (Long Race) or 9.50am (Short Race).

Bussing Out: Please ensure you are on the bus by 11.25am, ready to be bussed out to The Poltimore Arms where we shall meet the other runners.

At approximately 12.40pm the coach sets off to Kingsford Gate (Long Race Start). Those competing in the Long Race are welcome to join the school on the walk up to the start or to use the transport provided. The Long Race will start at approximately 12.50pm.

The bus will then continue on to Heasley Mill (Short Race Start). The Short Race will start at approximately 1.10pm.

Those wishing to walk The Exmoor will be restricted to the Short Race starting at Heasley Mill. No dogs are permitted to accompany entrants.

Spectators are also very welcome to come along and cheer on the competitors at various points of the routes. If you would like to see the runners at the finish line, we recommend arriving at the WBS by approximately 2pm.

All entrants must wear suitable clothing and footwear and are encouraged to drink water at every opportunity.  Any injuries are to be reported to a WBS marshall. 

At regular points along the course, transport will be available back to the school for the convenience of those not wishing to complete the run.

At the start of both runs, you will be able to hand your belongings to a member of staff who will return them to the reception desk of the Jonathan Edwards Sports Centre where they will be available for collection. 

Following the run all entrants are welcome to join us for refreshments in the Karslake and the presentation ceremony in the JESC at approximately 4.15pm

Car Parking: Astro Car Park at rear of the school
Registration  Location and Times: Entrance to Jonathan Edwards Sports Centre Walking Out: 8.40 am to 9.25 am Bussing Out: 10.00 am to 11.20 am
Walking Out
From front of Memorial Hall.
Marshals will be in attendance to direct entrants.
Walking Out Departure
Long Race :   9.40 am
Short Race:   9.50 am
Bussing Out Departure
School Main Entrance
Bus A
Bussing Out
11.30 am
Approx Race Start Times: Long Race: 12.50pm
Short Race: 1.10pm
Race Pick-Up
Every 2 to 3 miles.  Marshals will be posted at each pick-up point. 
Please inform them if transport back to the school is required.
Changing &
School House
Refreshments: Clubroom
Jonathan Edwards Sports Centre
4.15 pm

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