Just Giving Page for Nicky Vanstone (98-01F)

A message from Mary Napoli (nee Screech) (93-01B) Please help if you can. My lovely friend and fellow WBS alumna, Nicky Vanstone (nee Tibble)(98-01F), is only 33 and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We’re fundraising so she can seek treatments not available on the NHS. She has an incredible family including her 2 year old daughter, Fern, wonderful husband, Chris (94- 01G), sister, Becky, and mum, Caroline Tibble, who many of you know is a dedicated member of staff at WBS. They need her to be here.


I’m lucky enough to have been friends with both Nicky and Chris since we were at WBS and I really need her to be here too. She has always lived a healthy lifestyle and has devoted her life to helping others through her work as play therapist for children. If anyone deserves to beat this, it’s Nicky. Sharing her story would be a great help, thanks.


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