Just a Few Places Available for the 70’s & 80’s Reunion Dinner

Due to popular demand there are only a few places left for the 70’s & 80’s reunion dinner on 20th June. If you would like to attend and your name is not currently on the list below please email [email protected]  

Angela Avens 63-95S
John Avens 63-94S
Lesley Banbury 73-76B
Peter Barnes 72-77C
Lyndon Bedford 82-90C
Stephen Bedford 85-92C
Paul Berry 77-01S
Helen Berry 83-14S
Steve Bilney 82-89G
Alex Bralsford 82-87G
Phil Brewer 79-86G Plus 1
Andrew Broggio 82-87F
Heather Cavagnagh-Mainwaring 84-89G
Bob Clarke 78-S
Kim Conchie 67-74F
James Conchie 69-76F
Susie Conchie 80-84G
Gavin Cooper 82-85F
Hugh Davis 70-79C
Julie Dendle Jones 83-87C
Micheal Dinning 79-85C Plus 1
Michael Downward 79-97S
Becky Folds 86-93B
Norm Geddes
Duncan Gray 75-85B
David Grierson 72-79S
Andy Gubb 80-87F
Robert Harris 71-79B
Richard Heywood 77-81F
Kate Higgins 86-93F
Jo Hill 81-87G
Rob Hillman 76-87C
Robert Hitchins 78-88G
Stuart Hogg 82-86G
Tony Hooper 88-11S
Tracey Howard
Jennifer Humes 83-99S
Barrie Huxtable 85-92C
Susan Huxtable-Selly 79-82S
Sally Jackson 81-85G
Lorraine Kamp 83-90B
Tracey King 76-85G
Neil Kingdon 66-75C
Julie Kingdon
Ida Lam 84-89C
Karin Lang 84-86F
John Lang
Robert Moor 78-14S
Andrew Moore 71-74G
Stuart Morris 80-85C
Carole Murray 88-90C
Zeki Nejat 72-76G
Matthew Nicholson 80-89B
Gillian Nicholson
Mark Nicholson 80-87B
Sarah O’Connor-Balsillie 81-84B
Anne Ohlmanm 84-85F
Steve Ojomoh 81-88G
Uyiosa Omoregie 83-87C Plus 2
Lesley Parkin 82-88F
Ruan Peat 84-88C
Chris Ponder 73-12S
Nickie Portman 80-83G
David Pulman 66-72B
Paul Reed 72-75B
Peter Richardson 68-78G
Gail Richardson
Kay Roslee
Kirsti Ryall 83-90C
Jeff Ryall
Vicky Ryce 84-90B
Stuart Scott-Goldstone 82-89B
Emma Scott-Goldstone 85-93B
Matthew Semple 75-85G
Oliver Shaw 70-82S
Stuart Smith 73-80G
Adam Stanbury 80-88C
Charles Tippet 73-81C
Marie Tippet
Daniel Tredant 76-85G
Jonathan Tredant 76-82G
Lucy Tredant 09-S
Mike Tucker 72-S
Jeng Tumogi
John Vick 97-S
Lynn Vick
Richard Ward 73-76F
Eileen Ward
Keiichiro Watanabe 84-89F
Simon Webster 69-74C
Ashley Wheaton 79-86F
Harvey Wheaton 79-84F
Robert Wheeler 80-86F
Stuart Wheeler 80-89F
John Whitfield 79-07S
Peter Williams 79-89C
Clare Williams 84-89B
Chris Willis 77-92S
Neil Wilson 76-84B
David Wolfenden 76-83G
Gavin Wolfenden 75-78G
Michael Woodrow 66-73F

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