If you are in Bristol tonight, why not join us at the Pitcher & Piano from 6pm onwards?

Those attending include..

Nick Adams 57-64G
Val Bishop OWBA/Foundation
Kevin Buck 65-70C
Monica Carter-Burns OWBA/Foundation
Bob Clarke 78- (Current Staff)
David Cummins 40-50G
David Curtis 59-63B
Dominic Ford 08- (Current Staff)
Sue Hartnoll 84- (Current Staff)
Mike Hannaford 56-64F
Michael Kettle 92-02F
Peter Kettle 92-05F
Kathy Kettle 92-12 (Ex Staff)
Alan Kettle 92-12 (Ex Staff)
Geoff Leather 58-65C
David MacMullen 57-64B
David Norfolk 60-67G
Mike Tucker 72- (Current Staff)
Ian Walker 77-82B
Paul Walter 70-77B
John Whitfield 79-07 (Ex Staff)
Mark Wightman 57-63C
Bill Woodman 41-44C

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