Hong Kong Reunion

For those alumni and parents residing in Asia, or who just happen to be visiting at the time. Join the Headmaster and President of the OWBA, Neil Kingdon for a lunchtime reception at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley Racecourse on Saturday 17th January from 12-3pm. To assist with catering, please confirm your attendance. Invitation Email


  1. admin says:

    Past pupils attending:
    Mr Neil Kingdon (66-75C)
    Mr Fred Kingdon (07-12C)
    Mr Chris Kin-Yiu Chan (04-06B)
    Mr Jaffy Chan (04-09F)
    Mr Jerry Chow (00-03C)
    Miss Stephanie Ho (02-08C)
    Muss Yuen-Yan Janice Ho (05-12C)
    Mr Gilbert Ho (96-98G)
    Mr Arnon Hoontrakul (91-97B)
    Mr Geoff Lam (00-03G)
    Miss Mona Chi Yan Lee (00-02B)
    Mr Eddy Ka Chun Leung (97-02C)
    Miss Co Co Tsz Ching Lui (04-06G)
    Miss Janice Siu (95-04C)
    Miss Kitty Siu (91-95C)
    Miss Gloria Tsang (98-03F)
    Mr Kenneth Wan (98-03C)
    Mr David Gould (60-67G)
    Mr Derek Lam (99-04F)
    Maggie Choi (02-07B)
    Grace Yuen (02-08F)
    Jonathan Leung (02-08G)
    Cyrus Wong (02-07C)
    Calvin Sin (00-07G)
    Jimmy Chu (00-08C)
    Mary Lee (02-04C)
    Duncan Wong (06-11G)
    Byron Sin (03-10G)
    Miss Maggie Li (92 – 97F)
    Mr Calvin Wong (04-09C)
    Miss Shirlan Tse (95-97G)
    Miss Shirley Tse (91-94G)
    Mrs Kitty Wong
    Sunni Lau (91-99G)
    Beco Lee (91-96C)
    Andy Cheung (97-00B)
    Eddie Leung (97-02C)
    Michael Wong (00-05G)
    Geoff Lam (00-03G)
    Kenneth Wan (98-03C)
    Jerry Chow (00-03C)
    Derek Lam (99-04F)
    Gloria Tyler Tsang (98-03F)
    Chris Chan (04-06B)
    Coco Chingching (Coco Lui) (04-06G)

  2. Kitty Wong says:

    I would like to attend the lunch time reception on 17/1/2015 in Hong Kong.
    (Mother of Chan Long Him Moses-Year 9)

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