Hoebridge Golf

Twenty ‘old boys’ met recently at Hoebridge Golf Club in Woking, Surrey for a day of golf.  However, the localised storm prevented the players from stepping onto the course. Not wanting to be put off by the weather, the group remained at the Club to chat, no doubt about their experiences at West Buckland. OWBA players and friends (F): Richard Berry (50-54 B), John Collins (F), Matias Coombs (67-72 B) plus 2 (F), David Cummins (40-50 G), Garry Jensen (was Jones) (47-53 C), John Ferguson (50-54 F), Mike Hannaford (56-64 F), Chris Phillips (60-67 C), Myron Prosser (58-63 C), Telford Shute (F), David Spry (58-63 C) Bob Van Dissel (49-56 C). Others who arrived for brunch: Geoff Bayles (52-58 C), Jeremy Eames (50-54 G), Edward Gibbons (50-56 F), John Minns (49-54 G), David Lawton (51-58 F), Judith Lawton Hoebridge

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