Fighting Breast Cancer

GirlsIn the June edition of the Buckland Brief, a well-known North Devon family were featured as ‘having it all’. The Youings are a hard-working and close family who have all had the fortune of being educated at West Buckland and made the most of it all.  Recently, Heather (93-98 B) contacted the Foundation/OWBA office with the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. At just 34 years old and with a husband and two small children, this is the worst news of all and she is currently undergoing treatment to combat the disease. Rather than sit back and allow the medical world to treat this horrendous disease, Heather has decided to share her experiences with others and do as much as she can to spread the word and encourage women of all ages, to check their breasts regularly.  Scaffolding outside the prestigious Youings store is currently adorned with bras thanks to Heather’s fundraising campaign. As well as writing about her experiences on her blog, Heather is also taking the opportunity to encourage people to donate to charity CoppaFeel by donating £1 or more and hanging their bra outside her parents’ shop. She is urging other women to check their breasts more regularly, and is hoping the bras outside Youings will encourage people to do so. “None of my friends checked themselves,” she said. “I do think the fact I found the cancer early has made a massive difference.” Heather said because she was a beauty therapist and many of her patients had suffered with cancer, checking her breasts was something she did reguarly. “In the evening I will just have a quick feel when I am watching TV,” she said. “It is just about knowing the difference in your breast tissue. “More often than not a lump is not something to be worried about.” Heather also decided to detail every step of her journey on her Facebook blog, the reaction to which she said had been amazing. “My sisters are contributing as well so people get an idea of what the family goes through,” she said. “We have got a very close family, but it has just really hit home that we are not invincible and things like this do happen to normal families. “They have been amazing but it has been really difficult on everybody. I have just accepted it and embraced it.” To read Heather’s blog visit To donate to CoppaFeel either drop your into Youings along with your bra or visit Heather is also writing a weekly column in the North Devon Journal about her experiences. Youings shop

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