Golf Day 2012

See below for a report of the recent OWBA Golf Day from Bob Van Dissel: “From an Organiser’s point of view, the occasion held some anxious prior moments because of the overnight rain and, for some, fitness for play. Falling off bikes and ladders are not good for the soul!  Five names out of action did not deter 14 names to arrive for the social chat and brunch followed by the lucky 12 who played as from midday on firm ground in glorious sunshine. The views  overlook  the ruined Newark Priory and Henry VIII hunting country where, even today, there are deer and pheasants for my Cocker Spaniel “Biggles” to chase!   Thanks go to local friends who joined in to give WBOB’s a welcome steerage round the course. WB co- sponsorship of the prizes was also appreciated; thank you.  The arrangements, starting with early advice in the year to known names and awareness of others, via personal contact, web site and E/mail shot by the School, seemed to work to a point. On the day, for those there, meeting as from 10.30am for brunch and chat  was popular and time flowed comfortably towards the photo call and first tee at 12.04 midday. Note Richard Berry who came with his right arm in a sling and walked home; keen!  Likewise John Minns, also a keen supporter, purely for the social in the morning.  Scores for most did not matter (!). Prizes (to be opened later) were awarded for Longest Drive, Nearest the Pin, Individual Top Scorer and Top scoring team. The social carried on later with drinks and more chat. As to humorous stories of their time, no such luck for printing here!  Everyone came away in good spirits, chuffed to have played with a touch of the WB umbrella, and given “tuck” in the form of a Mars bar for the journey home.   Next year’s social and golf gathering is targeted for Tuesday, 30 th April, 2013. at Hoebridge, Woking, or perhaps another proposed venue in the South East. Trust all got home safely and I look forward to seeing you again next year. If you have chums you would like to introduce, please do; the more the merrier!” Names, left to right: Richard Berry WB, John Ferguson WB, Chris Phillips WB, Myron Prosser WB, Bob van Dissel WB, Garry Jensen WB, Jeremy Eames WB, David Cummins WB, Mattius Coombs WB, Bill Goodman, John Minns WB, Telford Shute, Roger Holt and John Shipley.

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