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Campus Development 2015

Progress on the new Sixth Form boarding house and Study Centre
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Photos from 2014

Events and Activities from 2014

Photos from 2015

Events and Activities from 2015

OWBA London Reunion - 9th March 2016

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the OWBA London Reunion

The Exmoor 2016

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part in this year's Exmoor Run. Here are a selection of photos from the day

Tom Hitchins' Lunch 2016

A most enjoyable lunch with convivial company. Special thanks to Lawrence Whittal-Williams (75-08S) for his very entertaining speech and to all those who came from far and wide to join us...
DSC_0557 (Small).JPG


  1. David Langdon says:

    My father James William Langdon (born 1884) and my uncle John Charles Langdon (born 1889), both born in Veryan, Cornwall.
    Do you have archivist who could give me the dates when they attended West Buckland. I think it must be 1890-1900, or thereabouts.
    Regards David Langdon

    • admin says:

      Dear David,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. We will certainly ask our Archivist to look up the dates of when your uncle and father were at school.
      Kind regards

    • Jillian John says:

      The two people referred to here are also my grandfather (John Charles Langdon) who often just went under the name’ Charles’, and my great uncle, James William Langdon. I would also be very grateful for any further information. I do have an old school cricket team photo of one of them which may provide some clues.

  2. John H. Palmer says:

    Hi …love the OWBA news online ….
    I was at WB way back in 1957-61 ..
    How the school has changed !
    It was very basic when I was there …!!
    I like the photos shown here but they are all
    very low resolution… Can you rectify this at all ?

    • admin says:

      Hi John,
      Yes, it’s all very different now! Unfortunately we can only upload photos of a certain resolution to the website. If you like though, we can email you some across so you can look at them properly? Let us know which ones, or if there are parts of the school you’d like to see and we can try to find some pictures for you. [email protected]

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