Fortescue Medallists 2014

Our first winner is an exceptional student who is one of the most able pupils in her year group. She is a gifted individual who possesses great energy and a desire for learning.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Her contributions to the school have been extraordinary. She is a mature and driven individual, possessing high levels of integrity. She has made outstanding contributions to the Duke of Edinburgh programme, including work experience at a local trust which organises outdoor activities for disabled youngsters. She completed her Gold in Yr 13. She has sung throughout her senior years in the choir winning half colours, and she has been a superb clarinettist in WBJ and the Concert Band, where she won full colours. Our winner is very well respected by her peers and teachers alike. She has shown empathy for others and leadership in her captaincy of senior hockey and swimming teams in her final years. Many will remember her completing the backstroke race in the house competition last year, continuing to the end despite breaking her hand on the side of the pool. This winner moves on to Bath University this month to read Economics. A Fortescue Medal is awarded to Issy Cairns. According to a colleague who has worked with our second winner, she is just fabulous! First impressions can indicate a shy and quiet young lady. However, there is far more to this winner than meets the eye, as she has repeatedly demonstrated in some stunning drama performances at senior level. Without drawing attention to herself over the years, she has taken major roles, acting and singing, in just about every big production we have done, from We will Rock You, an Inspector calls and Arcadia. Phenomenally reliable, supportive, professional to the core, she organised her House Drama performances, and took on a leading role in House Song Rehearsals. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Drama and performance is her thing, and she has a full colour for drama to show for it, but she has sung in the choir, been a reliable Deputy Head of House, prefect, and been the most diligent of pupils, maximising her abilities. She has half colours for netball and was club captain last year. A capable sportswoman, she also represented the school at tennis. Progressing this autumn to Oxford Brookes to read Drama and English. A Fortescue Medal is awarded to Madeleine Ralph Our final winner is a self-assured young woman of outstanding academic ability. She pursued four A levels, balancing her studies with all her other extracurricular activity to achieve 3As and an A*. This winner is a genuine ‘all-rounder’ as her extra-curricular contributions clearly demonstrate. She has colours for WBJ and choir, with ½ colours for concert band and cross country. Laura is a superb trumpeter. She played for the jazz band as lead trumpet, the concert band, the school’s chamber orchestra, her local brass band in Appledore and is 2nd trumpet in the North Devon Sinfonia, working alongside ex-professional musicians and high calibre amateurs. But her list of achievements goes beyond music. She is a swimmer and long distance runner, always coming near the top of the Exmoor field. She won the Guy Hopson competition last year, and spoke well again this year, she also completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award before she left school.Laura Wormington In all her activities she demonstrates her commitment and absolute desire to exploit her abilities. She will be teaching in a primary school in Uganda this year, before taking up her place at The University of Birmingham to read medicine. Fortunately she’s here today. A Fortescue Medal is awarded to Laura Wormington.

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