Details of the OWBA 70’s and 80’s Reunion and Updated Guest List

We are really looking forward to seeing you at West Buckland School on 20th June for a day of sport and catching up with old friends.

For a trip down memory lane, there will be tours of the school which will depart from the OWBA tent at the front of school. You are most welcome to join us for coffee from 10.30am in the JESC Clubroom prior to watching the traditional WBS 1st X1 V OWBA 1st X1 (AKA Tucker’s Team) cricket match which starts at 11am. If you would like to join Mike Tucker’s team please do get in touch by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01598 760188 From 2pm, the Parents’ Association events will be taking place with a variety of stalls, beer tent, hog roast and music, so please feel free to make the most of all that is on offer. An afternoon tea will be served in the Club Room where you are welcome to join the sports teams who have competed against the school. If you would like to participate in Shooting or Tennis, please do contact the office on 01598 760188 and we shall put you in contact with the relevant organiser.

  Time2.docx     OWBA 70’s and 80’s Reunion Dinner We have had an overwhelming response from the Alumni for the 70’s and 80’s Reunion Dinner which takes place in the Karslake Hall from 7pm, and there are only a few places now available.

To avoid disappointment, please do let us know if you intend to come as soon as you are able.  


    Here is the link to register…     If in the event we are unable to accommodate any further guests for the dinner, all Alumni are welcome to join us for the drinks reception which will be held in the 150 Theatre from 6pm. We look forward to seeing you soon!


  1. admin says:

    Here is the updated list of those who have confirmed for Saturday’s dinner at the school.
    We only have a couple of places left and may have to keep a reserve list.
    If anyone is unable to attend, please do let me know so that I can release the place.

    Sean Aspey 79-86B
    Angela Avens 63-95S
    John Avens 63-94S
    Phil Badcock 49-58G
    Lesley Banbury 73-76B
    Peter Barnes 72-77C
    Martin Barwise 83-90B
    Lyndon Bedford 82-90C
    Stephen Bedford 85-92C
    Paul Berry 77-01S
    Helen Berry 83-14S
    Steve Bilney 82-89G
    Bernadette Bilney
    Chris Bird 82-89C
    Ian Blewett 72-77G
    Alex Bralsford 82-87G
    Phil Brewer 79-86G
    Andrew Broggio 82-87F
    Heather Cavagnagh-Mainwaring 84-89G
    Bob Clarke 78-S
    Kim Conchie 67-74F
    James Conchie 69-76F
    Susie Conchie 80-84G
    Gavin Cooper 82-85F
    Hugh Davis 70-79C
    Peter Day 71-74G
    Julie Dendle Jones 83-87C
    Micheal Dinning 79-85C
    Michael Downward 79-97S
    Becky Folds 86-93B
    Norm Geddes
    David Grierson 72-79S
    Andy Gubb 80-87F
    Jack Harding 53-59B
    Robert Harris 71-79B
    Richard Heywood 77-81F
    Kate Higgins 86-93F
    Jo Hill 81-87G
    Rob Hillman 76-87C
    Robert Hitchins 78-88G
    Stuart Hogg 82-86G
    Tony Hooper 88-11S
    Tracey Howard
    Jennifer Humes 83-99S
    Barrie Huxtable 85-92C
    Susan Huxtable-Selly 79-84S
    Sally Jackson 81-85G
    Lorraine Kamp 83-90B
    Tracey King 76-85G
    Neil Kingdon 66-75C
    Julie Kingdon
    Ida Lam 84-89C
    Karin Lang 84-86F
    John Lang
    Vicki McCool 87-95C
    Robert Moor 78-14S
    Andrew Moore 71-74G
    Stuart Morris 80-85C
    Carole Murray 88-90C
    Zeki Nejat 72-76G
    Matthew Nicholson 80-89B
    Gillian Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson 80-87B
    Sarah O’Connor-Balsillie 81-84B
    Anne Ohlmanm 84-85F
    Steve Ojomoh 81-88G
    Uyiosa Omoregie 83-87C
    Lesley Parkin 82-88F
    Ruan Peat 84-88C
    Chris Ponder 73-12S
    Nickie Portman 80-83G
    Lewis Pring 78-83C
    Julia Pring
    David Pulman 66-72B
    Paul Reed 72-75B
    Peter Richardson 68-78G
    Gail Richardson
    Kay Roslee
    Kirsti Ryall 83-90C
    Jeff Ryall
    Vicky Ryce 84-90B
    Carla Sanders 83-87C
    Peter Saxby 71-74G
    Stuart Scott-Goldstone 82-89B
    Emma Scott-Goldstone 85-93B
    Matthew Semple 75-85G
    Farhan Shams 84-87B
    Oliver Shaw 70-82S
    Stuart Smith 73-80G
    Adam Stanbury 80-88C
    Charles Tippet 73-81C
    Marie Tippet
    Daniel Tredant 76-85G
    Jonathan Tredant 76-82G
    Lucy Tredant 09-S
    Louise Tredwin 80-85F
    Mike Tucker 72-S
    Jeng Tumogi
    John Vick 97-S
    Lynn Vick
    Richard Ward 73-76F
    Eileen Ward
    Keiichiro Watanabe 84-89F
    Simon Webster 69-74C
    Ashley Wheaton 79-86F
    Harvey Wheaton 79-84F
    Robert Wheeler 80-86F
    Stuart Wheeler 80-89F
    John Whitfield 79-07S
    Peter Williams 79-89C
    Clare Williams 84-89B
    Chris Willis 77-92S
    Neil Wilson 76-84B
    David Wolfenden 76-83G
    Gavin Wolfenden 75-78G
    Michael Woodrow 66-73F
    Imad Zaouk 85-87F

  2. Michael Newsome says:

    Sorry, but I will not be able to attend the 1970’3 and 80’s reunion on Saturday 20th June, 2015. I hope that you have a successful day.

  3. I am sorry to miss this due to a diary conflict.
    I’m sure it’ll be a fun day and I look forward to seeing some photographs in due course.

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