Derek Holt Memorial Match 2013

Happily, I can now report that the ‘full-bore’ range at WBS is up and running again, having passed the stringent MOD assessment at the end of July.  This is excellent news for the VRC because we can now exercise our match weapons before going on our annual pilgrimage to Bisley.  Hopefully, David Price will also have a squad trained up and will be able to compete in the National Schools full-bore competition again at Bisley, next July. September at school and the VRC and school teams ‘squared-up’ again at the ‘shorts’ range to compete for the Derek Holt Memorial trophy.  Sean Beer was absent for the Veterans and Harmony Constant couldn’t make it for the school so both squads shot VII instead of VIII. Terry Curtayne and Mike Baggs started for the VRC with a steady 89/130 and Darcy Constant and Kai Smith equalled their score.  Hendrik Coombs and Lewis Pring went next with a below par 79 combined score against Matt Dixon and Christian Turner who made 84, putting the school five points in front at halfway.  Harry Edgell and I thought we had balanced the score sheet with a joint score of 95, but Cecily Pring and Emily Small were unbeatable with a tally of 103, putting the school thirteen points in front.  Richard Heywood went down against Ruan Pring and dropped another six points so the school came out clear winners by 21 points. Emily Small took the Heather Ludlow trophy for the highest score on the school VIII.



T Curtayne 40/65 Darcy Constant 49
M Baggs 49 Kai Smith 40
H Coombs 35 Matt Dixon 36
L Pring 44 Christian Turner 48
H Edgell 44 Cecily Pring 51
C Wilson (capt) 49 Emily Small (capt) 52
R Heywood 30 Ruan Pring 36
291   312