Constitutional FAQ’s

Why has the constitution been changed? To allow the Headmaster and Chairman of the Foundation voting rights on the OWBA Committee. This will also bring about better communication and coordination between leadership of OWBA, School and Foundation. Why should the Headmaster and Chairman of the Foundation have voting rights on the OWBA Committee? All secretarial and administrative work carried out by the OWBA will be undertaken by the Administration & Relationship Officer(ARO). It is necessary that the School which funds the ARO post and the Foundation which line manages the ARO should agree the job description and workload to ensure that all of the ARO functions can be fulfilled. Why can’t the OWBA Executive do the Secretarial, Administrative and Treasurers jobs? The unpaid voluntary Committee do not feel they are able to do all of these things as professionally as they would like. Who used to do all of those things? The unpaid voluntary Executive used to do it all but this is no longer sustainable. The desire is to be even more professional and also provide other services such as Higher Education and Career advise and guidance. All of the changes of the last years have been to these ends. I’ve got other questions that I need to ask Please email the ARO [email protected]

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