Chartered Surveyors’ Dinner 2013

Chartered Surveyors’ Dinner, 15th November The OWBA Chartered Surveyors returned to school on 15th November to enjoy a superb menu of smoked trout pâté, rustic game pie and brioche bread & butter pudding of a standard far removed from that most of us remembered from our days at WBS.  We are grateful to John Vick who updated us on school matters and possible future developments.  Mark Wightman then invited all attendees to introduce themselves and to outline their careers since leaving school demonstrating the very wide and diverse nature of the profession that encompasses the property world.Chartered Surveyors As before, members are keen to help pupils who are interested in the profession and students who are already in training and it was heartening to hear the views and experiences of Simon Jennings (03-10B) and his colleague Billy Tubb who are both just starting out on their respective careers.  For further information, or if you are interested in attending future OWBA Chartered Surveyor dinners (the next is likely to be returning to a London venue), please contact the OWBA office via [email protected] or telephone 01598 760188.Chartered Surveyors 2013 Mike Woodrow (66-73F)


John Vick (97 – S), Jonathan Andrew (99-01G), Mark Wightman (57-63C), Mike Woodrow (66-73F), Stuart Smith (73-80G), James Jenkins (59-64C), Paul Orchard-Lisle, Graham Harrison (59-66C), Jeremy Waters (52-56B), Simon Jennings (03-10B), Billy Tubb, David Northridge (parent), Chris Barraclough (parent), David Edwards (70-74L) and Robin Start (49-55F).

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