Careers’ Lunches

Share your Career Experiences over an Informal Lunch with Students at WBS Some of you will be aware that the OWBA is beginning to work more closely with the school on their Higher Education programme; this has already resulted in some old boys and girls coming into school to give presentations to the Year 12s. Matt Brimson, Head of Higher Education, has invited OWBA members  to come back to the school to talk to students about their careers and experiences over lunch They will be informal, and an opportunity for students to ask questions rather than listening to a presentation. The timetable as of September 2017 is as follows:




Friday: Subject Lead person
8/9 International students and HE: Hong Kong universities MTB
22/9 Medicine Discussion Group Michelle Cobby
29/9 Entrance tests and essays (TSA, BMAT etc) MTB
6/10 Apprenticeships – alternative to a degree (Field Day)

Building a business (Field Day)

James Evans

Helena Hills

13/10 Careers in the Merchant Navy Charles Brewer
3/11 Sponsored degrees in engineering from ND firms

Working for McLaren

Phil Scotcher

Kenny Kong

10/11 Life as an MP – key political issues Peter Heaton-Jones MP
17/11 Medicine Discussion Group Michelle Cobby
24/11 National Citizen Service Elliot Whitehouse
1/12 Oxbridge interviews MTB
15/12 Carol Service
12/1 Getting into Oxbridge Louisa Keech, Ed Mabon, Tom Perry
26/1 Careers in filming and working with animals Stephanie Holt
2/2 Medicine Discussion Group Michelle Cobby
23/2 Working in conservation Rob W-North
2/3 Working in planning David Wyborn
9/3 Careers in the nuclear industry David Norfolk
16/3 Year 11 Careers interviews  
20/4 Careers in dentistry Neil Kingdon
18/5 Medicine Discussion Group Michelle Cobby
22/6 Oxbridge applications MTB