OWBA members give Career Talks

Last Wednesday, 15th January, three former pupils returned to give a Careers talk to the Year 12. Adam Holder (90-99 B), Giles Hursey (03-05 G) and Jake Withecombe (06-11 F) all spoke about their different experiences in their chosen field. Adam left West Buckland and went on to do a 4 year business degree at the University of the West of England, with a year in industry. During this year, Adam worked for Bray Leino, who asked him to return after his degree; he is now Client Services Director. Giles also went on to the University of the West of England, but unlike Adam, studied history. Whilst at university, he joined the OTC and following his graduation, he took up a place on the Officers Commissioning Course at Sandhurst. Now Giles is a Captain in the Rifles Regiment and is about to begin his third tour of Afghanistan. Jake, however, was always interested in agriculture, so much so that he started a contracting business whilst he was still at West Buckland. On leaving school, he went to Nottingham with a view to study agriculture but after four months, Jake returned to Devon. He is now running a very successful business, including the continuing development of ‘AgriCamera’. Though all three went to the same school, and two even went to the same university, they are all working in very different areas which demonstrate the range of possibilities open to West Buckland School pupils. “I have just sat in on a fantastic Year 12 careers talk…They all put across the range of opportunities in their own fields and highlighted the fact that a Year 12 student need not know what they want to do (although Giles did). They also highlighted the positives of University aside from the academia!”

Neil Kingdon, OWBA President


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