Campaign Board

In order to reach all parts of the school community a ‘Campaign Board’ has been established which includes representatives from parents, alumni, current and ex members of staff and support staff, governors, sixth form pupils, the Parents’ Association and the Foundation. This will be a means of disseminating information into the community about the campaign, the Build, and reaching all audiences within a limited time scale. It will also be a means of engaging the community in the Foundation’s work. Those people on the Board are listed below.  

Prep School Parents Jo Hart, Naomi Jeffries, Brenda Daly
Parents’ Association Clare Williams
Senior School Parent/OWBA Stuart Smith
OWBA (alumni) Neil Kingdon
Prep School Staff Cassy Steel
Senior School Staff Jonathan Ralph
Ex Staff Rep Chris Ponder
Support Staff Rep Baz Norden
Sixth Former Sunny Hung, Issy Brown
Governor Loraine Cairns
Foundation Lady Arran
Foundation Colin Browne
Chair of Foundation Bill Geen