WBSVRC vs WBS Shooting Sept 2010

The last match of the season between the School and the VRC followed a rather predictable pattern.  Despite veterans turning up from all over the South of England the School were unable to produce a full squad of eight.  Victory was again conceded before the competition even started.  Apparently there are so many activities to take part in the pupils are spoilt for choice.  Quite why the inter-house rugby takes precedence over the WBS v VRC shooting I am not sure.  Perhaps next year we could alter the timetable so that pupils can do both.  Anyway everyone who took part did so in good spirits and enjoyed themselves.  Kirsti Ryall, president of the OWBA, dropped in to the shorts range to say hello and see what we were doing.  Try as I might to persuade her to become an honorary member of the VRC she was adamant that she wouldn’t shoot for us.  Tom Smalley tried to escape with a flying visit and wasn’t so lucky.  Needless to say he produced the second best score of the day for the VRC.  Sean Beer topped the scoreboard with a very good 60.5/65 proving that practice does help. The star turn of the day was Emily Small.  Making her debut for the School and shooting left handed with a standard weapon she produced a very confident 60.1/65 and won the Heather Ludlow Cup. Ella Gale dropped one shot on her grouping but caught up well on her application and speed targets finishing well ahead of Mike Baggs and Richard Heywood who both claimed to be nursing injuries.  Final scores saw the School VII with a below average 329.14/520 so the VRC romped home with a rather low 387.21/520 and therefore keep the Crowl Cup for another year. My thanks to all the Veterans for turning up again and to Dennis Morgan for organising the whole shooting match.

James Bayliss 49.3 Richard Heywood 35.3
George Smalley 44.5 Mike Baggs 41.1
Cicily Pring (Vice Capt) 47.2 Sean Beer 60.5
Harmony Constant 43.1 Ella Gale 42.2
Sophie Nichols 48.2 Terry Curtayne 47.2
Emily Small 60.1 Tom Smalley 55.3
Lydia Dunn 38.0 Chris Boulden 54.3
    Chris Wilson (Capt) 53.3
  329.14   387.21

Chris Wilson (67-72B) Captain WBS VRC