OWBA v WBS Girls’ Hockey 2010

The sun shone on Speech Day and as usual the Old Girls versus WBS hockey match was high on everyone’s priority viewing lists. After last year’s shattering exhausting fiasco where we had little to no subs I decided to try out a new tactic; overwhelm the school with players. Lindsey Napier was stunned by my ability to produce a mighty team consisting of seventeen players or more. With new found confidence the Old Girls graced the pitch with a win in mind. All was going well against the school, the Old girls seemed spurred on by the knowledge that they could sub on and off at leisure if they got too tired, and the very young looking team we faced did seem a little startled by our determination to begin with. The hilarity of the match was the thing that struck me most, it has to be said the Old Girls had the most fun. Unfortunately it did not end as well as we had hoped, after being rudely disallowed a goal after the umpire was a little too keen on the whistle and forgot to play advantage, we conceded a defeat of 3-0 (although any Old Girl you asked that day would have said 3-1)! Charlotte Walker (95-08B)