Tuesday, 14th September, 2010, saw a small WB gathering for golf at Hoebridge in Woking, Surrey. With a “name” potential of five three-ball teams, for one good reason and another, this proved elusive on the day. We could muster only two teams off the tee with six WB and one gracious volunteer outsider, local to the scene. We had three new names playing at this event, namely Richard Berry, Bob Butler and Nick Dennis. On meeting, the chat sparked off in a manner as if “picking up where we left off” from the WB scene in Devon many moons ago! In particular, there was an interesting story from Bob Butler who made a speedy exit from WB before time and openly tell us Leslie Stephens ( from Bob’s career point of view), did him a favour!  As to the golf, the course held good and the views did not disappoint. The promise of wet weather coming held off – just!  Scores were least important but the challenge of the course and especially toiling up the 17th will stick in the memory. Nevertheless, a Mars Bar for all was a reminder of the tuck shop at School, this time to give some energy for going home, together with a complimentary ” additive” for supper. We were glad to fly the WB flag in some way here and would like to encourage more WB golfers to take part, either at Hoebridge or set up similar gatherings at other locations around the M25 or elsewhere. The interest is there and a bit of publicity for getting in touch is always welcome. For those who can get away mid-week, it is a good day out.