OWBA Shooting Summer 2010

WBSVRC vs WBS Shooting June 2010

After a glorious hot and sunny June, Sunday 4 July dawned grey and drizzly. Those of us who attended the Summer Ball the evening before and struggled homewards in the early hours of Sunday morning were somewhat ‘dull and overcast’ on arriving at the shorts range on Sunday afternoon. The VRC were challenging the School for the Derek Holt Memorial Trophy which the School have never yet won. In fact, and I risk repeating myself here, the School hasn’t beaten the VRC since 2001. We were hoping to use our ‘match weapons’ on the Crowl Langley range, before taking them to Bisley nest week. Yet again the school were unable to field a full squad and as some of the cadets hadn’t carried out the relevant training to use our ∙308 weapons we had one choice, using the School’s ∙22 Anschutz weapons (with ‘hair triggers’) in the shorts range. (shorts refers to the length of range and not our attire!) I won’t bore you with the mechanics of ‘hair triggers’ suffice to say that some veterans struggled with the technology. The School managed to get six cadets ‘on the mat’ to start the competition. Dennis Morgan arrived with seconds to spare with James Bayliss, hot foot from a National Judo tournament in Bristol where he won a bronze medal; James went on to produce the best tally of the day for the School team with 58/65. Lindsey Denyer, Captain of Shooting at School, was pushed back into second place with a reliable 56/65. The rest of the cadets struggled with their groupings. The VRC managed to produce an interesting score sheet to say the least. Sean Beer and Mike Baggs shot 65/65! Harry Edgell had two misfires with the ‘hair trigger’. Harry’s godmother, Dr Mary Elphinstone, who came along as a spectator, was unimpressed. When she let slip that she had done her MOD weapons training in the Falklands, during the conflict, it was too good an opportunity to miss. Within moments she was ‘on the mat’ where she promptly clocked up a very respectable 48/65, rather to Harry’s chagrin. Hendrick Coombs’ target appeared to have been hit with a scatter gun and Richard Heywood declined to shoot following a disagreement with a cow. So we called it a day with only seven shooters per side. Final scores left the School nineteen points adrift with 329/455 so the VRC retained the Holt trophy with 348/455. James Bayliss gets his name engraved on the Heather Ludlow cup for the best individual cadet with 58/65. Many thanks to everyone who turned up and competed and especially to David Price for officiating in Dennis Morgan’s absence.

(Yet another) victory for the WBSVRC!


  • Sean Beer 65/65
  • Terry Curtayne 50
  • Hendrick Coombs 35
  • Harry Edgell 25
  • Mike Baggs 65
  • Dr Mary Elphinstone 48
  • Chris Wilson 60

TOTAL = 348/455 WBS VII

  • Lindsey Denyer 56/65
  • Isaak Sadek 43
  • Cicely Pring 48
  • Sophie Nicholls 45
  • Mel Thompson 39
  • Harmony Constant 40
  • James Bayliss 58

TOTAL = 329/455 Chris Wilson (67-72B) Captain VRC

WBSVRC Bisley 2010

Organizing our annual trip to Bisley this year was anything but easy. There is a national shortage of full-bore shooting facilities and an ever increasing demand on existing facilities from the MOD, the Police and private clubs like the WBSVRC. When our secretary Sean Beer contacted the Bisley authorities to book facilities in April he was told he was too early. When he tried again as instructed in May he was too late. The Police had block booked every available target. After a certain amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth Sean managed to reserve two lanes in the hard Roberts 50 metre indoor small-bore range. This excellent facility was built for the Commonwealth Games in the nineties and was a godsend to us as the weather was awful until halfway through the afternoon. All veterans who turned up competed for the John Squire Cup with the five best shots forming the squad for the National Schools’ Veterans Match at 500 yards. Many thanks to Sean and his family for the loan of their small-bore weapons. New regulations state that all ‘High Muzzle Energy’ firearms must pass through the Zeroing Range and be certificated before squadding cards can be issued. This created a nasty bottleneck and the possibility of missing the Ashburton completely. Fortunately Dave Pote had foreseen the problem and was at the front of the queue and with some ’elasticity’ of the rules managed to zero all five weapons by himself, so many thanks to Dave Pote. As we moved onto the Century Range to compete in the 150th anniversary National [email protected] Veterans shooting match, the Ashburton, it stopped raining and the sun came out. Needless to say there was a howling crosswind which kept the range flags almost horizontal. Mike Baggs qualified for the A Team but was now struggling with a recurring shoulder injury which left him about five points below average. Our final tally of 216.10/250 saw us into 39th position, two places ahead of Blundells. Dave Pote took both cups home and Bob Van Dissel won the Donegal Badge for the highest score not to qualify for the A team. A good day was enjoyed by all who turned up. Many thanks to Sean Beer for all his hard work and David Lawton, our president, who turned up to help with logistics. Finally, a note to Pote. You may have both cups but Baggs managed to ’liberate’ your telescope. John Squire’s Cup:

  • Dave Pote 1928/2000
  • Chris Wilson (Capt) 1874
  • Sean Beer 1805
  • Matt Coombs 1724
  • Mike Baggs 1717

The Ashburton for the Sanders Cup:

  • Dave Pote 48.3/50
  • Matt Coombs 45.4
  • Sean Beer 44.1
  • Chris Wilson 42.1
  • Mike Baggs 37.1

TOTAL = 216.10/250 Chris Wilson (Captain WBSVRC)