123rd London Dinner Report

13th March 2010

For this year’s dinner we returned to the opulent setting of the Grand Connaught Rooms in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll let the images below do the rest. We owe a massive “thank you” to Alan (“Franky”) Humes for his powerful speech on how his career at West Buckland prepared him for life in the Army, his time working on the rehabilitation of injured soldiers and the ongoing vital work of the Help for Heroes charity. Next year’s dinner will be held on Saturday 12 March 2011. For the first time in our history we will be taking a dinner cruise down the Thames. For more information and to book tickets, please click here. Chris Boulden (94-03B), Vice President

London Dinner 2010 Venue

The calm before the storm

London Dinner VI Form guests

Will Popplewell (Head of School), Poppy Pinnock (Deputy Head of School) and Rolf Merchant (Head of Grenville) on their best behaviour

Alan and Jennifer Humes

Jennifer ‘Matey’ Humes and her son, Alan (Guest Speaker)

Andrew Broggio

Andrew Broggio displaying the noble art of ‘gurning’ to his fellow table guests

London Dinner

The dinner in full flow

Joe Robinson and Chris Dodds

The 2010 “fake photo smile” competition winner (Joe Robinson) and runner-up (Chris Dodds)

Guy Avery and Angela Avens

Guy Avery possibly enjoying his own joke more than Angela Avens

Paul White and Hannah Broggio

Paul White defending his England All School shot-putting win 20 years ago as Hannah Broggio looks on with amusement

London dinner post speeches

Seconds after the speeches have finished Chope table (front right) has already departed en masse to the bar

Tabitha Fox and Catherine Longthorp

Tabitha Fox and Catherine Longthorp enjoying the “after-party”

The following attended the 123rd London Dinner held at the Grand Connaught Rooms on Saturday, 13th March 2010: Kirsti Ryall (née McCool 84-91C: OWBA President) & Jeff, David Cummins (40-50G: OWBA Patron) & Mary, Alan Humes (83-88F: Guest Speaker) & Kerry Rigg, John Vick (97- S): Headmaster & Lynne, Will Popplewell (Head of School), Poppy Pinnock (Deputy Head of School), Simon Jennings (Head of Brereton), Olivia Dehnavi (Deputy Head of Courtenay), Ben Bennett (Head of Fortescue), Rolf Merchant (Head of Grenville), Michael Downward (79-97S), Robert Van Dissell (49-56C), Gerald Merrett (50-54G) & Anna, Terry Curtayne (51-56F), Hugh Sturzaker (51-59C), Geoff Bayles (52-58C) & Mia, Simon Baldwin-Purry (52-58C), David Avery (53-57F) & Jackie, Roland Bailey (56-61F), Charles Welchman (57-60G), John Avens (62-94S) and Angela (63-95S), Matias Coombs (67-72B and Cate Hart, David Clark (69-03S) and Helen (83-03S), Chris Ponder (73- S), David Walker (76-82B), Guy Avery (80-89F) and Jane (née Bellas 87-89), Paul White (82-87B) and Fiona Hennesey, Andrew Broggio(82-87F) and Hannah, Jennifer Humes (83-99S), Kenneth Bare (82-86G) and Teniola Shasanya, Katie Corbin (née McGhee 84-91G). Jan Horrell-Tidbury (84-87G) and Ceri, Kathy Murdoch (née Smith 86-91B), Stevie Woodley (née Hookins 86-90F) and Matt, Ralph Patel (87-95F), Carole Murray (88-90C) and Norm Geddes, Alex Janmohamed (née Kingdon 89-96C) and Abeed, Adam Crispin (90-97G), James Gedling (90-03G), Chris Boulden (94-03B), Ian Smith (94-96G) and Claire Crowson, Nick Marsh (97-03F), Claire Hobbs (96-03G) and David Pipe, Anthony Hobbs (96-03G) and Emily Faggionato, Chris Dodds (95-03C), Tabitha Fox (96-09F), Joseph Robinson (96-03F), Jack Wallace (98-03G), Chris Kingdon (99-06C), Charlotte Knight (99-06G), Catherine Longthorp (01-09G), Amy Groome (03-09C), Jaffy Chan (04-09F).