Bristol Reunion

Back in the summer of last year, it seemed a good idea to have regional reunions around the country and with many months of planning and advertising, our first event of this kind kicked off at Goldbrick House in the centre of Bristol. It was with a certain amount of trepidation that we arrived at the venue, as the treacherous weather might certainly put some off from coming out on such a stormy night. However, attended by a over 40 former and current members of staff, together with alumni from across the years, the evening was a chance to mingle with a glass of wine and catch up with old friends in the relaxed surroundings of a private room. We were kindly waited on by Jake, our friendly waiter who continually replenished glasses and ensured that the guests were well looked after. The former members of staff certainly created a magnet for many who had been either taught or ‘looked after’ by them in their time at school. Roger Smith (86-92 G) referred to John Avens as “being the housemaster who handed out my pocket money” and Chris Chugg (95-00 B) described the evening “Excellent OWBA event in Bristol tonight. Nice to catch up with Hooper, Ponder and the one and only Mr Tucker!” Our two hour ‘slot’ was soon forgotten as the merrymakers continued to enjoy themselves until it was deemed that perhaps the evening should continue somewhere else. The evening was considered a great success and we look forward to the ‘Regional Reunion Roadshow’ rolling out to a destination near you in the future.

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