Are you Coming to the Exeter Reunion?

If so, you will be in great company with the following familiar names who have confirmed so far..

Clive Argent 62-68C
Valerie Bishop
Monica Carter-Burns
Jack Harding 53-59B
Sue Hartnoll 84-S
Gerald Matthews 42-49G
Kate Matthews
Chris Ponder 73-12S
Jon Tredant 76-82G
Michael Tucker 72-S
Rachel Walker 90-97G
John Whitfield 79-07S
Peter Williams 79-89C
Clare Williams 84-89B
Bernie Wilson 60-66B

  If you would like to join us from 6pm at Abode Exeter on 14th May, simply email [email protected] or call 01598 760188   We hope to see you there!

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