Alan and Kathy Kettle announced as Guests of Honour for London Dinner

Alan, Kathy and family in Las Vegas

I’m very excited to annouce that Alan and Kathy Kettle have very kindly agreed to join us as Guests of Honour for this year’s London Dinner! Alan and Kathy are retiring from the School staff at the end of this year. “Alan came to WBS in 1992, hotfoot from sunning himself for a couple of years in the Caribbean, working his way to the position of Director of Children’s work for the Church in Wales and then looking after four very Welsh parishes together with the Chaplaincy, Head of RS and teacher of A level Geography in rugby-great Llandovery College. Now he has tacked on more than 18 years, loving life in WB. He is retiring at 60 in July; and as usual, he hasn’t a clue what lies in store next; but life is good! Kathy and Ed, Mike and Pete seem to tolerate him, too, though goodness knows how or why!” For more details of the dinner and to book tickets, please click here. Chris Boulden OWBA Vice President

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