1960s reunion attendees

With still three weeks to go, we are delighted with the response of those attending the 1950s and 1960s reunion.  The day will be focussed around OWBA matches in cricket, tennis and shooting with a reunion dinner in the Karslake starting at 7pm.  If you would still like to book your place at the dinner, please get in touch with Lucy Lancaster on 01598 760188 or [email protected] The following are attending so far: David Ashby, John & Angela Avens, David & Jackie Avery, Phil Badcock, Mike Baggs, Lesley Banbury, John & Margaret Bartlett, Geoff & Mia Bayles, Richard Berry, Mike Bowles, Rod & Sandra Boyce, Mick Brummell, Rob Cattell, David & Helen Clark, Hendrick Coombs, Michael & Joyce Cork, David & Mary Cummins, Terry Curtayne, David Curtis, Bruce Dougan, John & Susan Ferguson, Graham & Cilla Harrison, David Hellier, Richard Heywood, Laurence Hitchcock, Michael & Ann Hooker, Steven and Paula Hooker, Tony Hooper & partner, Gavin & Sandy Keegan, Neil & Julie Kingdon, Mike & Lyn Langdon, Adrian & Denise Lawrence, David, Tracey & John Mahoney, John McBain, Roger Mills, David Norfolk, David Oldrieve & partner, Duncan Oldrieve & partner, David & Monica Pennington, Paul Pigden, Chris Ponder, David Pulman, Piers Rogers, John & Claudine Snell, John & Barbara Squire, Robin Start, Hugh & Ann Sturzaker, Richard Trigger, Chris U’Ren, Bob Van Dissel, Roderick & Annette Wightman, Jeremy Wills, Bernie Wilson, Tim & Helen Worrall  


  1. Robert Cooper says:

    That’s an extraordinary list; not a single pupil from the
    Sept 1957(or equivalent)intake. Or maybe my memory is failing me!

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert,
      Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are unable to come, but if you give me some names of any from that time, I will be able to confirm.

  2. Hugh Sturzaker says:

    Well done on getting so many of us ‘oldies’ together. Really looking forward to the weekend.

    • admin says:

      Hi Hugh

      We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to WB – pray for good weather and it should be a great weekend!

  3. Ian Ballardie (Baal) says:

    Have a great evening Phil, Hugh, Geoff, van D, McBain, and others from the late 50’s. Great memories from our formative years. Wish I had worked harder rather than played. The opportunities were there, look at John Ashworth. I Had to take an OU degree to catch up. Sport was all important then. Did Herne’s glider ever get off the ground?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ian
      I will pass on your comments to those mentioned and if there is any chance you might be able to attend the dinner, we would be delighted to see you.

  4. Roger Frayne says:

    Good to see that quite a few of our more senior citizens can make it for the “big event” on June 21st. My apologies for not being there but the availability of value priced air fares from Western Canada for a long weekend are not that plentiful and so I must decline the invitation but wish you all the best in the celebration.

    Roger Frayne 1948-1956

    • admin says:

      Dear Roger
      Thank you for getting in touch and we will indeed make sure your best wishes are passed on to those who remember you. We are sorry you won’t be able to join us, but rest assured your message will be read out during the evening. If you are ever in the UK and would like to visit the school again, you would be very welcome.

  5. robert walls (titch) says:

    Really sorry I can’t be with you but I will be out of the country.Hope you have a great time,I’m sure you will.Big Hi to Tim Worrell Mike Baggs and any other of the OLD crew that remember,how could you forget!!!All the very best Titch Walls.

    • admin says:

      Dear Robert (Titch)
      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry you won’t be able to join us on the 21st, but we will pass on your message to your cohort and hope that you may be able to return to WB at some time in the future.

  6. As a Sep ’57 joiner, the same had occurred to me. There are names I recognise, including the illustrious Head Prefect (Hugh Sturzaker)from that time and others who were held in great awe….

    Regrettably although I am in Devon ‘on the day’ I’m still trying to see if I can make it. I don’t see many names from my own ‘cohort’ although we have been to various reunions in the last few years.

    If I don’t get there, have a great day.


    • admin says:

      Dear David
      It would be really good if you could come as I think it would be an opportunity to get a large group together. I appreciate that perhaps there may not be many who left in 1964, but perhaps knowing a few names might be an incentive. Please let us know if there is anyone you would like us to contact on your behalf.

  7. ashok shrinagesh says:

    We get to UK three weeks later so its a pity we shall miss it specially as several colleagues ,with whom we are in regular touch, are attending.It would have been equally nice to meet others who I have not met since leaving School.
    Best wishes to all.

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr Shrinagesh
      We are very sorry that the timing of your visit to the UK doesn’t coincide with the reunion at school, but we will pass on your best wishes to those who know you and if you would like to visit the school while you are here, you would be very welcome.

  8. David Ashby says:

    Lovely to see comment from Ian Ballardie with whom I played many rugby games. Also Ashok Shrinagesh who would serve me an eggcup of sherry every now and then! Shame they cant make dinner.

  9. Keith Holloway says:

    Sorry I can’t make it – but best wishes to Mick Bowles, Lawrence Hitchcock, David Norfolk, Roderick Wightman and Bernie Wilson – and anyone else from 1960-65 whose names I have forgotten!

    Keith Holloway

  10. FAO Roger W.M.Miles i have just purchased your boarding school leather suit case. Can you please tell me how old it is and if indeed you want it back.
    Mrs Rosanna Catchpole

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